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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Best mechanic in town (Taman Ipoh Jaya)修理摩托车 .

Click this link below it will tell u why we like to ride/scooligans 
kalau ada chance , kita konvoi bersama-sama....
baca teliti oh....baru faham --betul betul erti konvoi. 

those bike cause u minimum RM15k ke atas...2nd wife kan.

 *Recently , just bought 1 suzuki VR 125cc year 2003, condition ok, needed repair/change minor part . Now the motocycle just doing well

最近购买了一辆摩托, 需要轻微维修购买现时摩托状况良好

I would like to recommend you, 
people who're well trained/ professional in repairing motorcycle. 
Workshop in town ( Taman Ipoh Jaya ) Perak
Some Photos to share with.
Harga Repair, reasonable , part semua dapat order. 专业人 ,优良维修,价格合理, 服务. 

TEL : 05- 313 2726/ 311 3682


 MY lesen motor....D.O.B.

Ah Fatt . with my bike (scooter)

Ah Sam. hard core...job (many parts dah buka)

 front view workshop.

 2 shoplot.*  9-10am open

 carbon dioxide...hahaaa

 helmets / parts etc

here fill with oksigen/// fresh air

new / used Motor.. 

9am already banyak customer

headache 头痛... 难题 / NO PROBLEM

My Bike.. screw loose 螺丝松了

 erm ! no.plate.. which one u llike !!!

wow.. full accessories/parts.

Take a rest (Ah Fatt)drink  Minyak 2D OR 4D...H20 lah.. air RO.