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Sunday, 26 June 2011

Soft Toys : 吉祥物 | NHK | Domo君 & Pig Pig 猪 ?

Domo (どーもくん Dōmo-kun?) is the official mascot of Japan's NHK television station, appearing in several 30 secondstop-motion interstitial sketches shown as station identification during shows.
Domo-kun first appeared in short stop-motion sketches in December 1998 to mark the 10th anniversary of NHK's satellite broadcasting. The name "Domo" was acquired during the second episode of his show in which a TV announcer said, "dōmo, konnichiwa(どうも、こんにちは?), which is a greeting meaning something along the lines of, "Well, hello there!", but which can also be interpreted as "Hello, Domo", and thus is a convenient pun (dajare). The kun suffix on "Domo-kun," the name used to describe the character in the Japanese versions, is a Japanese honorific often used with young males


Domo-kun the story.(video clip)

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