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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

紧急工具.. Emergency gadget ! Chager / MP5


MP5 player is using a hardware and software collaborative multi-media processing technology. It can not only make the product having high synergy and scalability with relatively low power, technical difficulty and cost, but also it is the first type of product that applies the ARM11 platform in portable multimedia terminals , making its frequency up to 1GHz. So it can play more video formats, such as AVI, ASF, DAT, as well as the most abundant network resources like RM, RMVB. 

This has brought real benefits to consumers, as well as the development of the industry. 

MP5 player is a brand new concept in entertainment field. Such players can support the vast majority of network video formats, along with the open expansion function. MP5 player can transfer the network video entertainment to the handheld terminal more conveniently and directly, so that users can add GPS, WIFI and DVB-T according to their own requirements.

 Such an open-style design philosophy, in fact, provides users with a portable digital processing and application platform that is entertainment-based terminal.

CAMERA take photo or video
 / Function: can turn into PC camera too
GBA games : compatible / worked
colotr screen

紧急事件没电.. emergency electricity failure

backup plan.. Rescue our handset...emergency charger

can be use for models : Nokia, Lg, Samsung, Sony, Motorola & MP5 Player