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Saturday, 30 July 2011

Perak Taska Association : Colouring Contest

Perak Taska Association : Colouring Contest

Place : Tol Highway Bercham (M-d)

Time : 9am-12noon

Date : 30/july/2011

Age Entry : 3 - 6

good morning...take some coffee first..
feel the thirst 口渴...ermmmmmm best coffee.

Drinks free refill + 1 cHICKen burger = 1 kid

Hello > Mr. Mc D...
Go for dating ? with you ?
forget it.
I'm not single ok 

Parents ?

Happy Meals toys ? 

Batman or Pony for u !

many parents here...waiting the colouring contest finished.

No Parents....Stop Entry sign. gO TO uPSTAIR
Second Floor (Function hall Held)

wow wow...Kids & parents............

We're did well at the Colouring Contest  ...Yop !

Those are the second batch on going the contest/

Hi ! You want to join !

Let's get job done...

Ladies and Gentlemens the Coach... 

hurry hurry...45min for the contest session.

here do the Art Work to represent the Taska (Kids + Teachers)
hand in hand we stand...

Here the body guard for the trophies.

Don't come closer.

after the contest, each contestant must chop 1 stamp on their hand.

Me and him are the best pal...
Right !!! - Uncle M-D

Now I see...

Yo.. Uncle M-D... smile please

outlook -M-D Outlet... Way to Bercham Tol (To KL or Bukit Kayu Hitam)

Drive me thru... If u height less than 2.3meter..ok

Bye-bye M-D...
see you soon.


Results / keputusan :

One of the winners. 
Age group : 3 - 4