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Thursday, 4 August 2011

Did you plan your travel on month of August... 计划旅行 !

Any suggestions ! Post some nice places for u to select..
Only in malaysia !
months of  1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12   
 August... now
let it past ! Or just stay boring...

Did you travel any place yet !

What better way to end your chapter of August experiences than with a travel ?
C U IN Pangkor Island...decided this place... wakakaka !

Forget the long lines at the amusement park, the screaming children at the Hypermarket , and the airport security checks that take hours. Instead, make some furry friends (Insects / animalS) or enjoy the moment of family time in the wild, take some snapshots of breathtaking views, and get into shape after the past few lazy August month.

选项/ OPtions / mana mau pergi............. 

Pergilah jalan-jalan, mahupun dekat atau jauh...
relax bersama keluarga , barulah happy family...

Cameron Highland
Low Budget : Kalau tak stay / hotel mewah

Passport : jangan expired
Budget mahal : mesti duduk 1,2 malam..

Genting Highland
Beli pakej : (duduk murah)
tapi makan : kena jaga-jaga...$ tinggi

Pulau Pangkor
Dekat aja dengan Ipoh...
Low Budget: Makanan pun $ ok

Pulau Penang

Pandu kereta : TOL $
Hotel : Town murah lagi banding Kat Beach Hotel
makan : $ murah...