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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Ipoh Jaya : 炸油条(Fried Dough)

handmade fried dough / morning breakfast
自製油條 / 油炸鬼
後來呢隻嘢食嘅名喺歷史上一路流傳,演變成今時今日嘅油炸鬼。而油炸鬼係外國亦俾人叫做Chinese Donut(中國冬甩),因為佢同冬甩一樣都係炸嘢。

Youtiao (simplified Chinese: 油条; traditional Chinese: 油條; pinyin: yóutiáo; literally "oil strip") - also known as you char kway in Hokkien,[1] yau ja gwai in Cantonese,[2] and Chinese oil stick, Chinese donut, Chinese cruller,[3] fried bread stick- is a long, golden-brown, deep fried strip of dough in Chinese cuisine and other East and Southeast Asian cuisines and is usually eaten for breakfast. Conventionally, youtiao are lightly salted and made so they can be torn lengthwise in two. Youtiao are normally eaten as an accompaniment for rice congee or soy milk

soy milk with fried dough 
the best chioce

In Singapore and Malaysia, it is known in English as you char kway, you char kuay, or u char kway, transliterations of its local Hokkien (Minnan) name (油炸粿 iû-chiā-kóe). It is rendered in Malay as cakoi, a corruption of the Minnan term, "char kway". The Malay version comes with various fillings, which are either sweet, such as red bean paste or savoury, such as sardines fried in tomato sauce. The plain version is usually eaten with the coconut and egg jam kaya. Cakoi is usually sold in morning street markets or "pasar malam" night markets.
It is also normally served with Bak kut teh or rice congee, sliced thinly to be dipped into the broth/congee and eaten. Usually Malaysians and Singaporeans like to serve together with coffee or soy milk for breakfast.